Scarf Micro Business Need Investors

After a while I venture selling hijab (veil and Muslim dress)
I have a business idea you want to make a small convection created his own production gan hood.
I am selling this facebook.

With the intention of capital, skills, and keep customers
I would like to invite agan agan to participate in my business and check my page on

* in starting this business I need capital for Rp.50.000.000
The costs include fixed equipment procurement, raw materials, cost of production.
* Cost is divided into 50 slots each slot so valuable Rp.1.000.000

Period of Cooperation:
in joint ventures I offer a 25-month contract period.
Capital returns there are 2 options returned after 25 months or each semester (6 months)

Results antecedent can be distributed to all investors in the results with the percentage of 30: 70 (30% for managers and 70% for investors

Assumptions Advantages:
> Daily production target with a gain of at least 50pcs / pcs = Rp.5000
> Production per day in 1 month = 30 days
> Assuming keuntunaganminimal 50pcs x 5000 x 30 days = 7,500,000

System of repayment of capital and profit sharing
of repayment of capital
* Capital divided by time collaboration = 50,000,000 / 25 months = 2.000.000/bulan
* Diap month profit 2,000,000 will be set aside to payback investors

profit sharing
* Assuming profits each month Rp.7.500.000 - 2,000,000 = 5,500,000 capital spouse
* Percentage gain of 5,500,000 = 1,650,000 30:70: 3,850,000
* 70% of profits will be distributed to all investors every month.

Security and trust investors
* I prepare the data for security identification ID cards, portfolios
* We could gathering every month in our Convection or my home.